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We're on Foot and another week

November 9, 2015

Ia ora na tatou!!!

J’espère que vous êtes bien!!

This week was great! We found 6 new amis, and an ancien amis resurfaced!

Firstly: A few of our new amis are little kids all around 9, 10, and 11. They are all cousins and SOOOO cute. En fait they are all Adventiste and they live on the same land as each other and live right next door to the church that their dads all built with their grand-père. We met them while we were tracting a street in the rain....and Tahitian kids love playing in the rain, so it wasn't a problem talking to them. We came back about 5 days later and they had brought two other cousins with them. We taught the Rétablissement, and they all loved the story of Jospeh Smith, and at the end they each all wanted a Livre de Mormon for themselves. BUT also because they are younger they have to get permission from their parents if they can take the missionary lecons and we asked them when we came back for their lecon if they asked their parents and all they said was "Ils seront d'accord," "they'll be ok with it." (future tense hahaha). I can't even describe how cute they are, and they names are Ku'ulei, Coralie, Vaiarii, Iariimiti, et Areiti!

We also found our other amis. His name is Vaia, and we later discovered that he is a Temoins Jehovah from a membre who is a fried of his....oh. He didn't tell us what his faith was just that he is very croyant. For a bit of the contact we were trying to share with him the importance of having a living prophet on the earth, but he kept trying to argue with us as to why we don't need anymore prophets after la vie du Christ. We thought he was just going to be an amis en puissance BUT then he asked us when we can come back....WOOHOOO!! We offered him a brochure of le Retablissement but he was like "non merci, je veux pas goûter le mauvais fruits avant j’écoute plus,"...ça fait pas du sens..BUT OK!  ALSO we asked if we could leave him with a a dit "je veux pas ecouter votre mauvais fruits maintenant, mais bonne journée." OK! 

And also two houses down we got a gate shut in our face by a French family so that was super fun. Their loss...they didn't get to hear the awesome stuff we wanted to share with them. 

ALSOOOO: We got to watch the départ de Hawaiki Nu'i! It was so cool with all the pirogues and athletes and sponsors...ahhh it made me miss popular professional sports for a bit. 

Funny Language slip up: One day in one of our lecons we were talking about faith and I telling our amis that "Your faith will grow," "Ta foi va grandir." BUT apparently I said "Ton foie va grandir," which actually means "your LIVER will grow,"....oops hahaha. 

Fun Fact: We are now on foot for who knows how many days. This morning when we went to leave we went to turn on the car...nothing. Not even the ticking sound it makes when the battery is dead...nothing...rien. We tried jumpstarting it. We also pushed it so my companion could get it into second gear to start it up but that didn't work either. We figured out it was probably the alternator. And Elder Toame, who is in Haapu (that's a bike sector) has my bike right now while his is in Tahiti getting repaired and Soeur Hillier's still hasn't been sent to her from her last sector in Papara on the other side of the island in Tahiti.  So we'll be doing our sport while walking to lecons for a few days, and I will most likely get even darker....or redder. 

Last thing: So YESTERDAY we had our first lecon with two new amis from the week before. It was so difficult because before we walked over to their house we said a prayer and it was great; we were both feeling great, but has we crossed onto their property we both just felt awful. Don't know why, but we knew the spirit just wasn't there. At the beginning of the lecon with Hinanui et Tatiana we got to know them both and began teaching them about the Restoration. It was hard, because i just couldn't think of what to say even though I have taught that lecon so many times now. I was stumbling over my words. Soeur Hillier and I were praying so hard during the lecon when each of us were speaking, we just didn't know why the spirit wasn't there. BUT as I started to tell the Joseph Smith story and I told them the first vision it felt as all of a sudden the spirit flooded the area! It was an amazing experience that I honestly hadn't fully felt yet until that lecon! After I finished telling of Joseph Smith I saw that Hinanui had tears in her eyes...she knew what i had just told her was true. We asked her what she was feeling and she said "Je ne peux pas le décrire," "I can't describe it." .....oooooohhhhh how amazing is that? THAT'S THE SPIRIT HOIA!!

Other than that this week as been pretty chill. It's been raining a lot, but really what's new with that! I pray that everyone is doing well and enjoying the upcoming holiday feel, because it's pretty much the same feeling year round down here!

Jusqu'au semaine prochain!! Maururu roa no to'outou mau pureraa!

Soeur/Tuahine McKenzie Morrill :)

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