Monday, February 8, 2016

Rainy, Rainy week in Taravao, Tahiti

 January 14, 2016
 Bonjour tout le monde,
c'est moi Soeur Morrill encore, just checkin' in!
So this week has picked back up, and we've been super blessed with finding 6 new amis!
One of the new amis that we found; his name is Herani. He is 19 and was baptized Catholic, but hasn't been practiquant for a while. He came to church last sunday, because a non-practiquant (Manu) decided he needed to start changing his life, so with that he also invited Herani to church. This past Saturday we had a lecon with Manu and Herani a la chapelle and we had originally planned to teach le Rétablissement, BUT as we began to get to know Herani we found out that he has a problem believing that God exists. SOOOOO with that without even looking at each other Soeur Lasso and I switch to Le Plan de Salut! Herani is the second amis that I have had that's had difficulty believing in God, and we tried the best we could to help him. I told him "peut-être tu peut t'assoir un jour et regard autour de toi. Tout les choses on a ici viens de notre Père-Céleste. Il a tous crées.  Ton souffle de vie est un cadeau aussi. Tu ne serais pas ici si tu n'as pas décidé de suivre Père-Céleste et accepter le plan il t'a donne." It was a powerful moment, and for an instant I thought that I could see the little light bulb in his head go off. Herani is so awesome too, because he has great questions that even me and Soeur Lasso are still trying to figure out.
At the beginning of the week we had to go en ville (Papeete) twice, lundi et mardi to help the soeurs of Taravao 2. With that we have already used over 615 kilometeres and we only have 2,000 we can use. I told my companion that we would be going on bike eventually this month to save kilometrage. She pulls me aside one evening and said that she is still nervous about riding a bike, and is wondering if we can take some time in between lecons so that I could teach her.....OF COURSE!! So this past week, mostly in the pouring rain, we've gone to the church parking lot so that I could teach her how to ride a bike.
Story about the revelations President Bize gets: When a new missionary comes into the field we have an interview with President Bize so that he can get to know us and figure out (out of the trainers he has chosen) who would best help out the new missionary. When Soeur Lasso went in for her interview, he asked her if she had any worries. Her one worry she said was that she wasn't sure if she would feel comfortable on a bike just yet. BOOM REVELATION FROM PBIZE himself. Out of all the soeur trainers, I was the only one who was in a car sector, so he decided to put her with me, and it's been super great ever since. I can't tell y'all how much I love Soeur Lasso. She seriously is such a ray of sunshine during these seemingly rainy weeks!!
Last story: This past Saturday we went to go see one of our amis, Teivaiva! His bapteme was fixed for the 30 Janvier. Right's no longer fixed...NOOOOO. When we went to the house he has been staying at ( the ONE party house in ALL of TARAVAO) he talks to us about his bapteme. We asked him if honestly he felt like he would be ready to be baptized in the coming weeks. And he told us that with all the tentations that are in that house it would be super hard for him to stop smoking and drinking within these next few weeks. He told us that he is still going to try super hard to diminuate everyting, but that it'll take some time. He told us that he felt like 3 MONTHS would be a good time frame for him to get ready for his baptism. Now...when an amis says that, especially here in Tahiti, you show support. Teivaiva has a super strong desire to get baptized and has been reading the livre de mormon and praying every night (even with some of the other guys in the house), but he has that feeling that maybe he shouldn't rush his preparation himself. He told us that he wants to be a strong convert and not one that quit everthing weeks before just so that he can get baptized and then starts up everything the next day. He told us to give him 3 months, but that he still wants us to come every few days during the week. Yea it's hard in those situations to not push him, because we know he's ready. But that's not what we are here to do. We aren't here to force....we are here to love, invite, teach, and engage. When we see that an amis is ready we can give them a little push to show that they should just "do it." Follow the Savior and the blessings will pour down from the heavens like rain!
Our Heavenly Father loves every single soul on this earth. And He has created a plan for each and every one of us, to hopefully all return to Him some day!
"N'oubliez pas...le vraie amour." - John Groberg from "The Other Side of Heaven"
Ua here au ia outou et j’espère que vous aviez une bonne semaine!
-Soeur/Tuahine Morrill :)

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