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Goodbye outer island, Hello main island of Tahiti - 1st transfer

November 16, 2015

Ia ora na tatou,

Yes! The title to my email surprises me too!

Friday evening we had a soiree familial with Famille Teavae, and it was great! We prepared so well for it, and focused it on the Livre de Mormon. We engaged the three of them for bapteme deux fois (2 times) during the lecon and they said they would pray about it!!

That Friday evening after we got home at 10:35pm (note: missionaries are supposed to be in bed at 10:30) les assistants ma called us to tell me that I am being TRANSFERRED! I was not expecting that at all, because Soeur Hillier still has two more weeks to officially learn the sector and feel comfortable in it. The newbies fly in this evening from Provo and N. Zealand this evening and the transfer de formation is tomorrow. I don't fly back to Tahiti until FRIDAY (which I just found out a few hours ago) but I had to get my bags and bike ready to put on the boat tomorrow. These past few days have been super hectic, but I'm excited to start another transfer in Taravao 1 !

This past week we heard about the attacks in Paris, and our hearts are hurting for all those out there. They are definitely in our prayers!

We finally went back this past Friday to talk to the mom of Areiti to see if we had permission from her dad and grandpa to teach her and her cousins the lecons....sadly was so sad. As we were talking to Areiti's mom about it Areiti started to cry, because she really wanted the lecons. And she already knows the song "Je suis enfant de Dieu" "I am a Child of God" because her aunt who lives in Bora Bora is a membre and taught her and her sister, Iariimiti, that song. ONE DAY, ONE DAY she'll be able to take the lecons...ONE DAY!!

Recently whilst doing Porte a Porte we've had plein de run-ins with Temoin Jehovahs. To say those discussions are interesting is an understatement. When we tried to share our message of the Retablissement they would try and disprove us and find a scripture in the Bible to "confound us" but every time they have tried they have never been able to find the scripture they are thinking of.

During our Reunion de Zone this past week we were told that whenever we meet Temoins and they accept a message that we should share the Retablissement (Restoration) and bare PURE TESTIMONY. With our pure testimonies they won't be able to deny the feeling of the Spirit!

And also whenever we ask the Temoins if we can leave them with a prayer they always say "Non merci, je peux prier moi meme," "No thanks, I can pray by myself"......ok.

Yesterday, our schedule completely messed up with a reunion that ran late after church, so a lot of our lecons we had planned got pushed way back. One of the first ones we had was with Famille Toofa et Victorine, and we were beyond super late to their lecon. We asked to talk to Victorine and Toofa and try and refix for Tuesday or come back later that day if one of our lecons cancelled, and Keilani (the daughter) said that was fine. SOOOOO as every other day we had one of our lecons cancel so we go back like we said we would and Teiuana (their oldest son) waves his hand at us as if to say to go. He comes over to talk to us and says "mon papa a dit il faut que vous aillez".......but....y'all just said earlier today we could stop by if a lecon cancelled...ok. that's fine. their loss.

Other than those interesting events, the sector is doing really well, and we are praying super hard for la famille Teavae!

I hope all is well chez vous et vous etes en train de preparer the FANTASTIQUE HOLIDAY SEASON that is ahead!!

Je vous aime beaucoup!!
Le livre est bleau, l'eglise est vraie, et je vous aime = The book is blue, the church is true, and I love you (all)! :)

Mosiah 24:12, Pray! Even if you are in a crowded busy room you can still pray to Him silently and He will know the troubles and desires of your hearts :)

Soeur Morrill out!

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