Monday, February 8, 2016

Just another week of an adventure!

October 27, 2015

Ia ora na tatou faahou!

E mea oaoa vau teie mahana e ua here au te evanelia!

I hope everyone had a great week!

Not much super happened, because of the emergency transfer, so we had to cancel some lecons in order to get Soeur Spackman ready to leave, BUT we did find some pretty cool investigators.

One of those investigators, however, did not last very long. His name was Egile, and he is Adventiste, BUT upon doing a rapport de confiance with him we found out he had been studying with the Temoin Jehovahs for a while..... :) And we had no idea. We started the lecon and it was supposed to be short and sweet: the Retablissement and more on le Livre de Mormon, because we gave him one the week before when we scheduled the lecon. He gave it back...dang. Why? We don't even know. But has we asked him the question: what has Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ done for you in your life? he didn't even answer our question BUT started trying to pick a fight with us about who Jehovah really is. We could tell in a heart beat that the Spirit was out of there. And we were told to never egg on a situation where we may be seen to be Bible bashing. So, politely we asked if we could reschedule our lecon, BUT he said NO and that he didn't want us to come back. Ok....that's fine. He doesn't know what he's missing out on....TONS OF BLESSINGS THAT'S WHAT!!!

Another fun but depressing story: one of the hottest days we had, the night we got home we come to discover that we had NO water...none. It was completely turned off. No idea why, so we had to use our emergency Cyclone water story that we put together to take showers, and even that water didn't help us get all the way clean. Thankfully the water turned on again the next morning, so we refilled our Cyclone water storage.

And we had la programme de la primmaire dimanche dernier, and it was awesome....though it basically lasted 20 ish minutes, but I played the eight songs for them on the piano and le president de pieu de la primmaire was there, so I got to meet her.

We also got to experience a Tahitian funeral. The greffier (clerk) in our ward lost his dad who was sick for a long time, and last Monday night after our emails and we were back at the house we got a call from Frere Eduard who invited us to the family pureraa at the chapel. Apparently it's a really big honor to be invited to a Tahitian family prayer. That night the family spent the night at the chapel with the body of their grandfather, Papi TEUPOORAUTOA, and the next day they had the funeral, and the next morning they had one last family pureraa which took place after the burial. It was an interesting experience, because it's slightly different from other funeral services back home in the states. BUT they did talk about life after death and the beauty of being reunited with loved ones again....that much I understood, because it was all in Tahitian.

Soeur Hillier got here to Huahine last Tuesday, and I've been feeling a little stressed, because I am still in training, but I have to show MY TRAINER around the sector and schedule lecons while I'm still learning what's up and what's down and left and right. For a bit I've felt like the senior companion, but eventually I'll actually be a senior companion and take on the role of eventually training a new missionary.

The next official training transfer is next Tuesday, so newbies from Provo and New Zealand come in on Monday evening. I'll stay here in Huahine until December and then I'm pretty sure I'll be transferred back to the main island where I'll will spend my first Christmas in the field.

This week has been hectic in having to introduce my new companion Soeur Hillier to the sector, but we have been so blessed to have also found 3 new investigators!!

A quote to end this fantabulous email:
par notre Prophete Thomas S. Monson, "les ecritures et les priers sont plus importante que la sommeil."

Think about that next time you want to make excuses for not reading scriptures or saying personal prayers.

I hope y'all have had a great week, and thank you again for the emails!
Ua here au ia outou!

Tuahine/Soeur McKenzie Morrill :)

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