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Life is busier on main island

November 23, 2015
 Hello all!!
It's me again, but this time in Taravao 1 Tahiti!
So leaving my old sector in Huahine was pretty emotional, I'm not gonna lie. I met so many great familles with so much potential and love for the gospel, that i teared up a little bit on the flight over to Tahiti.
And let me tell you that the work here in Tahiti is SO MUCH MORE FASTER than the work in Huahine. Everyone in Huahine is so chill and lax and doesn't care about being on time for anything, so going from that to the complete opposite in Taravao will take some getting used to!
My new companion: Soeur Shariatmadari, from Utah! Is SO COOL and LOVES talking to people which is pretty daggum great if i do say so myself!
This past saturday we had a bapteme, and his name is Enoha! He's 19 years old and just clung to every word they taught him before I got here. He's super nice, and is gaining a bigger desire to go on a mission!
We also had a second lecon with this 15 year old kid named George! He started reading the Livre de Mormon the first day the missionaries gave it to him. We taught him the Plan de Salut and told us it makes so much sense! We engaged him to be BAPITEZED and he said YES!! ....He's getting baptized 5 DECEMBRE!!
We also have another bapteme this coming Saturday. His name is Heituarii and he is 19. When we met him he was living with his girlfriend (whose a membre) and her famille (also membres). He wanted to get baptized but he needed to either move out of the house or switch rooms (which is allowed as long as it's under parent super vision), so that's what he did!!! He loves reading the Livre de Mormon, and him and his girlfriend Beatrice read it together and pray together as a couple every night AWESOME!! So yea he is getting baptized 28 NOVEMBRE!!!
This Sunday was beyond hectic. I can't even describe it to y'all! Like i said ma nouvelle comp is such a get up and go and LOUD person. She was all over the place greating people, fixing lecons, and introducing me to everyone at church yesterday. No lie I was super overwhelmed, and just tried my best to remembre names and faces and whose in what ward (side note: our building houses two wards for church, Taravao 1 and Taravao 2 and our church starts at 8:00 am.... :) ). It was tellement stressful yesterday that's for sure!
Story: one of the last lecons i had in huahine before i got transfered was with Vaia who is the Temoin Jehovah. No went AMAZING! We backed all of our gospel and his questions with scriptures soley from the Bible and we bore pure testimony. At some points during the discussion we thought we had him...that we helped him see the truth and love of the gospel. Then....out of now where he tells us "Ton Dieu est mechant pourquoi vous aimez ca?" "Your God is mean...why do you like that?" After that he continued to criticize our religion in front of our faces, saying our gospel is complex, that our Heavenly Father is mean, and Christ is a hypocrite. No lie....that really hurt. But i just kept on smiling. Why? Because I knew, that as we were teaching him and using the Bible, he could feel the Spirit. And i knew he was uncomfortable with that feeling, because it's something knew that he had never felt before. He was fighting the feeling of the Spirit, because with the Spirit I knew that what we were teaching was the truth, yet he still wanted to deny it. As missionaires we are there to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and how His church was restored on this earth today. Our purpose is not to fight back or Bible bash, because the Spirit doesn't work with contention. So what did I do? I bore pure testimony. At that point that's all I could do. And with me at my 6th month mark I don't think I bore a more pure testimony with the gift of tongues than that lecon. I knew with that he couldn't deny what I said was true. It was a really powerful experience that I know I won't ever forget. WIthout a doubt I know this gospel is true!
I'm super stocked for my time in Taravao and the peole that I'll meet!
E mea oaoa vau!
Thank y'all for the prayers and as the holiday season is coming (AND THANKSGIVING IS THIS WEEK) I hope y'all have a great time with family and friends!!
fun fact: A membre from Taravao 2 paroisse invited all the missionaries over in the stake to celebrate THANKSGIVING with them....and they don't even do that here!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!! #superpumped
Je vous aime BEAUCOUP!!
Jusqu'au semaine prochaine!
-Soeur/Tuahine McKenzie Morrill :)

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