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Because in all things & new favorite food

September 7, 2015

Hey y'all,

Just checkin' in again after a not so hectic week here in Huahine.

We were super excited though to find out that Toofa and his "wife" Victorine are officially GETTING MARRIED on NOVEMBER 13, and Victorine is getting BAPTIZED on NOVEMBER 14. And Toofa and his youngest son are getting BAPTIZED on 12 DECEMBER after Teiva turns 8 on the 6th. Those dates don't count as a bapteme fixe because they are still too far out in advance, but the entire family is so ready for baptism that we want to talk to them about pushing their wedding, Victorine, and Toofa's baptism up so that Toofa can baptize Teiva when he turns 8.

Soeur Spackman and also have few English classes we are teaching now. We are helping a converti recent, Roger, learn English and in return he is helping us keep up Tahitian and its pronunciation.

Soeur Spackman and I also decided to do a little service this week for our members and a few investigators. We made a few batches of gateau banane and delivered them to some members and investigators who helped us out when I got sick. BUT...after we gave a few them our thank you gift they turned around and GAVE US SOMETHING BACK IN RETURN. NO...don't do that. Don't go thanking us after we thanked you....we want to have the last say in this gratitude war. It was funny, because a lot of our members and investigators here in Huahine always want to have the last say in every thing even if it is a gratitude war.

I finally got to see a beautiful sunset. We stopped to look like tourists and take pictures, and we were late for a lesson, but it worked out anyway because our amis was still getting her kids ready for bed by the time we got there, so it all worked out just fine.

I found my NEW FAVORITE FOOD. It's called SASHIMI (I think that's the spelling), but it is so good. From what I understood, they take the dark red tuna and they cook it half way or keep it raw and they give it a little taste with citron BUT then they have this SAUCE...I don't even know what's in it, but daggum it was good. And they put the fish, with the sauce, and a type of nut over white rice (sorry mom it's not brown rice). SO SO SO GOOD.

When we had our Sashimi fatamaaraa with members there was a little bit a the dish left, and I was already full but all of us could see that Soeur Spackman could eat a little more so Dumeur (the husband) said "Soeur Spackman...tu peut manger plus." and in the most American southern accent Soeur Spackman said in English "might as well,".....and she takes the fish in her hands and eats it without anything else on it hahaha. It's kind of a  "you had to be there" moment but it still made me laugh.

Being on an island has also allowed for me to have my eyes opened a little more every day to the difference of culture. I'm and animal lover...mostly of cats as many would know, and it makes my heart hurt when I see dogs or cats on the roads walking along and they look so skinny and sick. I just want to give them the care they need. But that's the culture here, and I can't do anything about it. It's taking getting used to that's for sure. It makes me thankful though that back home I have a healthy pet of 15+ pounds (how embarrassing) who is safe and sound.

yesterday we had an AMAZING lesson with this couple, Antonina and Teahi. They live in concubinage, and a lot of their family lives with them. We taught them about the Restoration, and how the church is centered around the FAMILY. They are golden investigators, because they have such great questions. A part of me is like "why are you both not members already? you have the perfect mind set about every thing we are teaching." Both of them wan to start a family of their own, but they KNOW they can't until they get married. They both want to be married too, but they don't have the money, and so we helped make it a goal for them to both find jobs by the time our next lesson rolls around, because if they do it will increase their hopes of finally getting money so that they can get married and start a family. Oh man they are so great, and they have a little cat named Princess who sits on my lap and sleeps every time we have lessons there.

And lastly, before I go. tourist tip #1: when it rains here (which it does a lot these days) natives don't wear rain jackets or carry around umbrellas, so if you want to somewhat fit in don't carry those around.
                                     tourist tip #2: you scream tourist if you are walking along the road holding hands or drinking out of a coconut. natives don't do that here in Huahine.

Thank you everyone for the emails. I really appreciate them, and they sure brighten my day.
I hope everyone is enjoying school, work, and good ole American football.

Go Cougs and Roll Tide!

Ua here au ia outou!

Soeur McKenzie Morrill :)

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