Monday, February 8, 2016

Weddings, prayers, and hand surgery

February 8, 2016

HEEEYYYY yooouuuu guuuuuuys!
I hope y'alls week has been fantabulous!
So first of all: yes....I had hand surgery. If that's what you would even call it. So throughout my mission so far I've gotten my share of sicknesses. I've gotten shots and these medications that Americans do not have, but it's worked. I've also gotten these verrues (warts) on my hands. HOW? no idea! Being here has made me super aware that washing your hands is not something to be taken lightly here. So yea....I had to go into the docteur this past wednesday and get that taken care of. And normally with verrues they would either burn or freeze them off...NOPE. Everyone....they numbed my hand (and I was so glad they did) and SCRAPED them off. I don't know what I would have done or said if my hand wasn't numb, but NEVER have I been so thankful for numbing medicine in my life. So after that my hand bled a lot, but they gave me medicine to help wash out any virus I have in my system that would cause the verrues to appear on my hands.
2nd of all: Last week I told you about the miracle that is ABRAHAM! Well...THEY GOT MARRIED!! I can't exclaim how happy I am for him and Hapai. They got married and Abraham is getting baptized this Saturday! It's been a long up hill battle for Hapai, and we've fasted and prayed with her a lot. For a while she thought he would never change and was close to giving up and kicking him out of the house, but then all of he sudden he flips that personal spiritual switch and wants to get married and baptized. Soeur Hapai came up to me and Sr. Lasso in church yesterday and said "Je suis trop heureuse! Pere-Celeste a repondu a mes priers!" He answered her prayers! That one moment was a testament to me: no matter what your situation is...PRAY!! He hears you prayers, and He WILL answer them. But don't are also living the plan that He has made FOR you specifically, and you agreed to it in the pre-moral existance. He will answer you prayers, but only when He knows you are ready for it and only when He knows you are best equiped to handle His response. He loves each and everyone of us, even though there are some days we think our prayers go unheard and unanswered. JUST KEEP PRAYING!
Also: We've been teaching this famille MARCANTONI for about 2 weeks now and it's been AWESOME! They are so golden! We taught them Le Retablissement this past week, and afterwards talked about bapteme. They said they really want to get baptized, but "il faut que nous aillons doussement avec eux." Why? Y'all....a little background on this famille. They are active Protestants, and that's rare for us missionaires to get people that are active in their own church and want to hear the gospel at the same time. They asked to follow the lecons. And they want to get baptized, but they told us they want us to go slow with them, because they have callings in the Protestant church and they're en train de quitter la religion ils on grandit de dans pendant toute leurs vie. C'est dur. But they said they would do whatever it takes to gain a testimony which was so cool to hear!!!
This week has been great, and we found another golden investigator named Dawson who got permission from his parents to take the lecons. He's so nice and has only 15 years! But you can just see the light slowly coming into his life. He's become happier and talks more than from the first time we met him. Golden I'm tellin' ya..GOLDEN!
Other than these blistering hot days, we are supposed to get an actual cyclone at the end of Fevrier. If that actually happens who really knows...on verra! But as for now, I hope y'all are all do SUPER!
N'oubliez pas les benedictions qui viennent de l'Evangile de Jesus-Christ!! Je vous aime!
E mea oaoa ia'u d'etre ici a Polynesie Francaise! (I'm so happy to be here in French Polynesia)!
Jusqu'au semaine prochaine!!
-Tuahine/Soeur Morrill :)

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