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New companion & road trip for conference

October 19, 2015

Ia ora na Tatou,

Soeur Morrill checking in again!

This week was great with doing other things outside of the normal schedule!

We had a lecon avec a converti recent named Haeahta and she is friends with a couple named Maeva and Carlos. Carlos is inactive and living in concubinage with Maeva. We made our trek up the mountain and low and behold both Carlos and Maeva wanted to be at the lecon for Haeahta. Carlos who has been inactive since like forever told us he had a big change of heart and didn't really know how to describe it. We were talking about the power of prayer later on and he said this quote prayer for him is like "les epines dosal de la religion, force de la certitude, la fine fleur des oeuvre pie, parure d'actes, et d'obeissance du Serviteur." Having him slowly realize the blessings of the gospel again was a big miracle for us that day, and it reminded me of the story of the Prodigal Son. I have immense faith in Carlos that he will in his own time come back to church, get married so Maeva can get baptized, and later get sealed in the temple, BUT for now we just support him, pray for him, show him we love him and the change he is slowly making.

So Wednesday evening-Friday afternoon we were in RAIATEA for a mission conference with Elder Haleck who is an area 70 for the South Pacific mission region! It was beyond fantastic. His words and his wife's words were so inspired. They emphasized the importance of planning and used the story in the Book of Mormon of Lehi and his family traveling in the wilderness and using the Liahona "the ball of curious workmanship" to guide them according to their faith. They explained that the Liahona is like our planner, and if we have the faith in our plans for the day, and are obedient to the rules of the mission and the commandments of our Heavenly Father then we will be successful that day.

It was great to have a deviation from the normal schedule for about a day and a half. I got to reunite with the missionaries from my promotion who got sent to outer islands for their first transfer in the field. There were only 6 sister missionaries at the conference, and the rest were elders.... and we talked about how the work is different on each island but still progressing in its own way.

Fun Fact: The Papeete, Tahiti mission is almost the highest baptizing mission in the world with us being just under 1,000 baptisms in one year. Cool huh?

Soeur Spackman will finish her mission on Thursday and fly home that night. She flies back to Tahiti tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday), and I will receive my NEW COMPANION, Soeur HILIER who is from AUSTRALIA, tomorrow as well.

The lecon of the week: YESTERDAY we had fixed a lecon with Eugene and his friend Egile. And they wanted us to have the lecon at their house, not at the chapel. So as the rules state we brought another sister with us from the ward to be there to help us if anything happened but to also help out with the lesson. We were waiting on the Motu for him to show us where is house was (note: the entire time we were waiting we didn't have the best feeling about going to his house), but when he came by for us to follow him our car DID NOT START. It was completely DEAD! NO IDEA. We told Egile, and he came back to help us. I was at the wheel while they worked at pushing it as I turned the wheel to have it facing back towards the direction of our house. Once we had it facing our house and we put it in 2nd gear, we were able to restart the car. The 2nd counselor to the bishop, Doumer, came at that time too to help us. We told Egile we didn't feel like our car would make it back to his house and back again to our house, so we pulled a MIGHT AS WELL; we gave him a Book a Mormon and I basically taught him half of the first lecon by myself on the side of the road. It was actually a really good lecon, and Doumer was able to help him understand the difference between Christ and Heavenly Father, because Egile had been studying with the Temoin Jehovahs for a long time. And the crazy thing is our car worked fine the rest of the day and today! I honestly believe that was a sign to not go to his house, because we wouldn't have known what was gonna happen there. We also fixed a lecon with him and Eugene for Thursday where we are gonna bring a member couple with us too :)

Since yesterday's lecon with Egile I feel more confident in speaking with the people around me, and realizing the power the gift of tongues gives us.

I hope everyone of y'all have had a great week!
Rumor has it that the cyclone will hit Huahine first, but really who knows anymore haha.

Thank you for the prayers and the emails!

Until next week!
Soeur/Tuahine McKenzie Morrill :)

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