Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cyclone Scare and Cold Showers

February 22, 2016

Chers tous,
J'espere que vous aviez passe une bonne semaine!!
This week has been beyond gloomy. Today is the first day we've seen sun since last monday! We heard about the category 5 cyclone hit Fiji these past few days, and we've definitely experienced the aftermath of that storm with super stong winds and obnoxious rain. Today was also the first time we had warm showers since last week as well! It's been pretty cold here which is beyond rare, but he we have sun (and humidity) again so that's always worth a SMILE!!
And: Isabelle got baptized. It was super great, even though it was a small bapteme with not that many people. She was just so happy, and what kind of made me chuckle: after she came out of the water after being baptized she yells "MERCI...MERCI" least the spirit is still here. Isabelle is awesome, and I couldn't have said it better myself!!
Had lecons with Vairea this week and she told us that she was finally going to "break the news" to her very Catholique famille that she's taking the missionary lecons. She said "I have my cousins' support and the love from Heavenly Father to back me up. Set my bapteme for the 12 Mars." ....oh..woah...OK!! Might as well! "I wanna work for that date, and nothing can get in the way of MY salvation." No lie...her courage kinda of surprised me, because she's been timid for a while about talking to her famille, but I now see her love for the gospel and her testimony in her face every time we see her! "I CAN DO ALL THINGS."
Funny little story: So Dawson is our other Bapteme fixe for the 19 Mars, and he absolutely loves church and reading the Livre de Mormon. We were blessed from la famille TEIHO to get two more amis who loved coming to their soiree familials on monday evenings, Arii and Wilder. We had a lecon with them this past Saturday, and their friend in the TEIHO famille, Kawkehe, was there too, AND so was DAWSON. Hahaha...he's acting like a member integrateur before he's even baptized. He's a cute kid, and he even told us he thinks his bapteme will bring his famille to take the lecons too! We had a lecon with Dawson about familles and the temple; we talked about how great it is to become an eternal famille and be sealed to your loved ones for ETERNITY. At the end of that lecon he literally said " veux ├ža." Haere maru, haere papu...petit a petit....little by little (or slow and steady) his famille will know of the blessings of the gospel too!!
This past Tuesday we had to go en ville all day for transfers, and Soeur Lawrence got a new fille straight off the plane from Provo, Soeur Sanchez. At the end of the meeting Elder Tia-soi-chang and Elder Pruett (the assistants) were talking about what it's like to be in a car lie I like the car, but I really want to be on a bike #beeninacarsinceday1 SO Elder Tia pulls the cat out of the bag and tells me that I may as well get to love the car, because I'll be called as STL (sister training leader) soon.....WHAT??? I mean that's great, but normally you get that assignment when you're at your YEAR mark...not your HALF WAY mark. But hey...we'll see!
Other than that this week has been pretty chill like the people! I hope y'all have a great week full of sunshine, smiles, and some snow (or rain for those in the south).
I love y'all! Je vous aime! Ua here au ia outou!

-Tuahine/Soeur Morrill :)

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