Monday, February 8, 2016

Bikes on a mountain & chased by dogs

December 14, 2015

Ia ora na tatou!
This past week has FLOWN by holy cow!!
It was a kind of slow week but we actually got a lot done!
First off: Our new amis named Kawai who is 17 totally accepted her date du bapteme pour le 26 DECEMBRE! And better yet her boyfriend is a membre too! Since she isn't 18 yet she has to get permission from her parents to get baptized and they're Adventiste. She told us she talked to her dad and he said "well...if their church has guides then you should follow them. I kinda wish our church has guides, but we dont. so you should follow them." And her mom said that it was totally Kawai's decision and that whatever she decides she will support her daughter. YEEEESSSSSS.
So last tuesday we were doing porte a porte with a mini missionary, and I kid you not every single house we went to had a dog, and EVERY single house we went to we got chased BY those dogs...on foot. So that was an adrenaline rusher haha.
So every week we have a normally fixed lecon with a non-practiquant named Noel. He's this older man that apparently went inactif right after his bapteme...sad i know right. BUT we've been having these lecons with him, and this past week he wasn't there but another amis we see off and on named Hubert was there. When Hubert saw us he had the biggest smile on his face and told us he was happy to see us and then completely out of the BLUE tells us that Frere Noels house isn't the best place to be all the time because that's where big "deals go down." THAT'S right everyone...we have been teaching a drug dealer at the base drug house....HAHAHA. And then Hubert just comes out and tells us he's a drug dealer too, and he knows it's not the best thing to do, but it's just super hard to find work anywhere else. After that we taught him the first lecon and Hubert soaked it all in like a sponge!! He really loved l'histoire de Joseph Smith and asked us to come back this week!!
This past week we have been blessed with rain...and not just any rain but Alabama April thunderstorms with thunder and lightning and wind like no other. For a while we thought a cyclone had finally come but no. And one day we had to go on bike in our sector, and keep in mind we have a mountain sector. So we rode in the pouring rain and wind up and down the mountain the entire day. No lie...I love biking in the rain but it was a little harder than I thought it would have been. When we finally got home I realized that my BACK TIRE was pretty much FLAT....hahahaha. How I didn't realize that before we left is a mystery to me #dosport #megrir
And Saturday we had to take a road trip to Maraa for one of our baptemes. Her name is Nelly and she is 17, and was super ready to be baptized. She literally had no problems with any of the commandments and already knew every thing was true. And she planned her entire bapteme, so all we had to do was "show up" which is how she put it.
This coming Friday we have another bapteme for a jeune gens qui est George. He is 16 and is pretty similar to Nelly. He was just born ready to hear and accept the gospel.
J'espere vous tous puissiez avoir un bon vacances pour Noel et se souvenir notre Sauveur et frere Jesus-Christ.
Ua here au ia outou!
Je vous aime!
Tuahine/Soeur McKenzie Morrill out :)

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