Monday, February 8, 2016

Almost a runaway baptism & Christmas caroling!

December 14, 2015
 Ia oraaaaaa naaaa tout le mondeeeee!!!!
First off I just want to say Mauruuru roa, Merci beaucoup, et Thank you so much for the many birthday wishes!! It was truely an amazing birthday away from home! Yesterday afternoon we had a faatamaaraa with a membre family and they didn't know it was my birthday, but when my comp told them the wife said "oh is? That's so awesome, because some random membre who was visiting the ward today just gave us this cake and told me to share it with the famille, so this is your birthday cake." No lie it was such a blessing and really sweet!
This past Tuesday afternoon and half of Wednesday Sr. Shariatmadari had to go en ville into Papeete for an appointment with the doctor for her toe (just like ME in the MTC but here in Polynesia). SO I was able to take charge of the sector for about 24 hours. No was fun and stressful, but I was able to find 2 NEW AMIS and fix a bapteme with the little help I had from a jeune fille who came with me on a split.
SO this Saturday we had a bapteme. His name is George, and he's 14 and literally one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. He loved the lecons and immediately wanted to be baptized. So Saturday we went to his house to wait with him for Bishop to come pick him up. Bishop got there first and told us that "he is no where to be found." And this is 30 ish minutes before his bapteme. SO we found his mom who was as drunk as ever (no joke) and got here to call George on his new phone and find out where he was. He was like "vous etes a la maison? pour mon bapteme? oh nooooo desole desole. je suis chez ma copine! j'arrive!!" eh eh He so lost track of the time he was spending with his girlfriend. THEN....this drunk guy comes up to our car as we are waiting and points down the road and says "George." POOR thing ran all the way from his copine's house to make it for his bapteme. Eh eh bless his heart. But we were able to make it. He got baptized, and confirmed yesterday. He came up to us yesterday to thank us for all that he was doing, and as he spoke he started to cry. He didn't know such a strong feeling of love and happiness could be found anywhere, until he entered into the church.
We had our last concert de Noel last night, and after all the missionaries gathered around me in this tiny little circle and sand Happy Birthday to me in French, Tahitian, and English. #blessed
y'all I'm so excited for Christmas, and the Spirit that is here. It's gonna be awesome!!
I hope all of y'all have a fantabulous Noel and se souvenir l'importance de Noel. L'Esprit de Christ!!
Jusqu'au semaine prochain!
Tuahine/Soeur Morrill :)

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