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Field trip to Raiatea

October 12, 2015

Hello All!!

It's me Soeur Morrill checking in again for another week of interesting events!

First: Last Tuesday we received an SMS par un Elder who is serving in Maupiti right now (note: Elders and Sister missionaries are not allowed to message back and forth unless it's with the dirigent de zone, district, ou les assistants but this was an exception) and asked us to find his dad Eugene who lives in Huahine Fare area (our sector) and talk to him about taking the lessons. SWEET! We fixed a lecon avec lui and he told us he would meet us in this little restaurant by his work but he had to run en ville first but he would be right back...LIES. He totally ditched us. So, we went en ville to see if we could find him...nope no where to be seen. We're trying again this week.

Second: Doing porte a porte here in Huahine is difficult, BUT we were blessed with TWO new investigators! Charles (an Adventist preacher) and Karine (non-pratiq a ce moment). And we found Karine whilst trying to find out where Eugene lives, and small world she is his cousin.

We were finally able to FIX a BAPTEME four MAIRE for le 24 Octobre. Her family is close friends with the president de pieu of Punaauia in Tahiti, so he said he would fly out here to baptize Maire!

Last Thursday we had Sauvetage splits where we visit less actives and we went to see a sister who is from Hawaii, came here on a surf trip and never left, and speaks English. She is more comfortable speaking English, so naturally it was me who took over that lesson. Her name is Mary, and her dad was visiting from Hawaii and doesn't speak French eh eh. He asked where I was from. When I told him Alabama he laughed, and asked me how a southerner like myself could manage the distance from home...I just do.

FIELD TRIP TIME: This Wednesday evening-Friday morning we will be in Raiatea (literally a 10 minute boat...sorry dad) for a mission conference with Elder Hallick of the Quorum of the 70. It'll be super cool to not do the mission conference by internet feed this time. Updates about that will definitely come next week.

Fun (sad) fact: we got kicked out of soiree familials with members on Monday nights because they said quote (from French to English) "soiree familials are for families only...not missionaries. we will do other soiree familials with you, but you can't come to ours on Monday evenings." .....oh ok...that's ok...we'll just have our own soiree familial with each other. It's not like we wanted to feel like part of your family ON FAMILY NIGHT for one night because WE DON'T HAVE OURS HERE!! So that was fun to experience :)

And: we have built up strong relationships with our amis only to find out they were not interested in the gospel but what else we We were asked TWO TIMES this past week to give some of our money to help our amis. I'm much we would love to help we can't give money to our amis. And it's not our's the church's. And we are only given literally just enough to pay for our own food. When we told them that we were willing to give them food or make them something they turned it down....which made us think they didn't want the money for food but for other stuff which made us sad.

This coming weekend the mission will be having an emergency/mini transfers. And my companion will be finishing her mission. And next week I will receive my NEW COMPANION who will finish my last 2-3 ish weeks of training.

I hope everyone is having a MAITAI ROA week and enjoying the fall/winter/summer weather!
Thank you for the prayers and the emails! They really do make me smile whenever I have had rough weeks!

Stay safe and Carry on!
Ua here au ia outou!

-Tuahine/Soeur McKenzie Morrill :)

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