Thursday, November 3, 2016

September 12, 2016

Hey y'all,

So YES there are transfers this ENTIRE week BUT I'm staying in Temarua! I love it here! My comp Soeur Lavelua "finishes" her mission today with all the other bajillion Americans et Faranis, but She flies home to Nouvelle ZĂ©lande mercredi matin so I'll get my new comp mardi soir! 

My new comp is Soeur Tidjine and she came to Tahiti with me! She finishes a transfer (6 weeks) after me and she is from Nouvelle Caledonie just right next to Vanauatu. She is super sweet and hilarious like all New Caldoshs I've met since I've been here!

This week not much happened, but at the same time a lot happened. Weird right? We didn't have a ton of lecons but we had lecons that went super well. 

One of my amis who I love is named Raina. She is 15 and has a ton of friends that are membres of the church. And for the longest time she didn't believe in God at all like none what so ever! But, she told us "Je veux croire en Dieu mais je n'arrive pas a croire." We've mostly focused on the Plan of Salvation, the first few chapters of Genese, and prayer. We've helped her relate her science questions to the other side of it all. We've helped her understand the relationship that science and religion play in the belief of God and how the world was created. If that doesn't make your head explode then I don't know what will haha. BUT this past Saturday we spent just a good two hours chez elle answering her questions, EATING, and laughing but by the end of every thing she told us that she has been praying to gain a stronger belief of God. She BELIEVES in GOD NOW!!!! How awesome is that??? Those many many lecons turned out to be totally worth it! Raina is so prepared to hear the gospel and continue to grow her testimony! She's a bballer which is pretty cool, so her and I talk a lot about sports :)

Other than that this week has been running errands and helping Soeur Lavelua prepare her things to fly home.

I spend some of my Pdays now planning my classes for BYU so my great, awesome, fantastic mother dearest :) can register me when the time comes! 

With having 3 months (2 transfers) left. I've come to appreciate more and more the people that i meet and teach. The mission flies by and in the blink of an eye you're on your flight home. I love the work, because it distracts me from the fact that I'm finishing soon. I LOVE the MISSION! Y'all it is seriously the GREATEST THING EVER!! 

Je vous aime bcp! Soyez sage et sourir TOUT LES JOURS!!

Bsx Bsx,

Soeur/Tuahine Morrill :)

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