Thursday, November 3, 2016

October 23, 2016

Chers tous,
I hope y'all and your pets are doing great! So before I decide to go on an email rampage I will have you know that I was barely in my secteur this week....again.
- Drove over 500 kilometers in 2 days on the same road (Tahiti is only so big you guys).
- Taught a super great English class, and had a Française try and correct me on how to speak English
- Didn't get home till 10h30 one night because of transfers #quelechec
- Helped President transport multiple 10 gallon water jugs to another soeurs' home because water isn't clean on the presqu'île
- Talked to a lady that is named after the famous beer of Tahiti (Hinano)
- Drank 2 chocolate frappés from Macdo
- A cockroach jumped onto my back and then onto my leg one night chez une lie I almost lost it #hatethem
- Had Nephi's entretien de baptême and afterwards he made us and the elders hamburgers :)
- Had one of the assistants chew me out, because we had to do an emergency exchange, and I didn't prevenir them in advance #sorry
But after all of that went down, Soeur Tidjine and I met a reference that the DZs of Punaauia gave us. His name is Jean-Michel and is super cool. He met the elders after he had been in his 4th scooter accident, and he told us that he forced himself to be nice to the missionaries, but grace a leur great attitude porte par l'esprit he accepted the lecons and we met him sunday. We walk in and he is walking wih a limp with a big bandage on his forehead with a mesh cap to keep it in place. He sits down and Sr Tidjine and I introduce ourselves and talk a little bit about the church. He comes to have a lot of questions about LIFE in general. He asked us "why did God let me live after my 4th accident? Why does he want me to keep suffering?" His question made me super sad actually. This is a man who has a lot of questions, but can't find the answers. He's down hearted and doesn't see the worth in living anymore if he thinks that Heavenly Father is keeping him on this earth to just suffer.
Y'all...we all have a purpose on this earth, and Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us. Yes, it may take a while for us to finally answer "why am I really here?" but when we do we can all experience a love that is indescribable and attainable by the gospel of Jesus Christ.
In the end Jean-Michel hesitantly accepted to see us again next week, but I could see in his eyes a sliiiiight glimmer of hope! Wooohoo!!!
Je vous aime!

Soeur/Tuahine Morrill :)

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