Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November 14, 2016 - AWESOME Week!

November 14, 2016
Chers tous,
This week was AWESOME! I honestly don't really remember what all happened and when, because everything is starting to blur together.
I don't have much time today. This week starts the Pacific island tour of the 70 regional presidency, so tonight we get to hang with the one and only Elder Cadron and his wife for a soiree familial chez President Bize himself. I'm pretty sure it'll be pretty awesome and pretty sure that it'll be in English lol. I'm just super pumped for this week, because we have so much stuff going on!

We did, however, do splits with Taravao 1 et 2. It was soooooo great, and I had the amazing pleasure to return to my beloved Taravao 1 and work with Soeur Jimmy (she's from Vanauatu) for the day.
I was able to reunite with membres, amis, and convertis! Y'all....it was such a great day! When I left Taravao that night I cried...again.
So Soeur Domenech and I were barely together until the end of the week.
This past week we taught one of our amis, Raina. She still has trouble believing in God, but the last lecon we had with her was super puissant! This spirit was so strong, and we could definitely tell she was feeling something. We simply explained that He is all powerful, and that He loves her. In a nutshell...that's what we talked about. But if only I took a picture of her face while we were teaching. She was so zoned in, and her eyes lit up so many times when we mentioned the Savior, His love, atoning sacrifice, and the hardship that our Heavenly Father had to go through to sacrifice His son. Even though there is still a ways to go in helping Raina believe in God it'll all be worth it in the end, and the love of the gospel and the spirit will just flood her heart #tissuesready.
So a lot of people have told me this past week...Soeur Morrill tu termin bientot. Comment tu te sens? (Soeur Morrill you finish soon. How do you feel?) my honest answer? I don't know. The time that I have left here may seem a long time for those in school or at work, but for a missionary it flies by. Last week I said that I wanted to make the most out of what time I still have left, and that is still true. Having so little time left has made me more motivated to work harder to help my companion and the secteur that I will leave behind.
This church is SO TRUE! And I love it more every day of my life.
Ua here au ia outou roa et mea faahiahia roa ia outou!

-Tuahine/Soeur Morrill :)

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