Friday, September 9, 2016

Sept 5, 2016 - Mireta & Tera are baptized & married!

Ia ora na tout le monde,

Donc, Today was super busy but a super great Pday. We were able to do a chasse au tresors (scavenger hunt) with a few other zones before Soeur Lavelua finishes her mission with a bunch of others. We played taxi driver today and had to go en ville (Papeete) to depose les autres missionnaires a les autres endroits.

BUT, this past week was super great! This past week Mireta got MARRIED and BAPTIZED!!! 

On the mission you are blessed to watch those you have taught be baptized and be washed clean of any taches they may have. All baptemes are special, but there are certain baptisms that help you love the mission even more. Mireta is one of those people. She is so cool and so willing to make her life better. And may I say that her and her husband Tera are pretty much one of the cutest Tahitian couples EVER!!!

Other than that we continued to teach other amis de l'eglise. For a while we have been teaching a brother and a sister, Taumaha et Kelhane. They were wanting to get baptized at the end of this week, but their papa doesn't want them to. We refixed another date for them to get baptized for farther away in date, to give their dad time to accept their desire to be baptized. They did tell us that they have been reading the Livre de Mormon together ever since the first lecon and they are at the end of 2 Nephi (the second book in the Book of Mormon). Even though they are permitted to come to church yet because of their parents they still tell us that they want to Persevere!!! I know it'll take time for their dad to give them permission to be baptized, but when he does it'll be a GREAT AMAZING MARVELOUS day!!!

So this transfert is almost faaoti (finished) which means that I will tearfully soon say goodbye to my Tongan Kiwi companion Soeur Lavelue which means that this week is gonna be TOTALLY AWESOME with creating great and memorable memories!!

Je vous aime beaucoup!
Nana until semaine prochaine,
Out looking for new people to bring the gospel to!
Marriage of great friends!

-Soeur/Tuahine Morrill :)

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