Thursday, November 3, 2016

October 31, 2016

Chers tous,
So this week again was SUPER DUPER great! AND nothing really happened this week!
Just to cut to the chase of everything:
- First of all HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Everyone is cleaning and decorating graves/tombes of all the dead in the local cemetary here.

- Nephi got baptized and it was super great! He got up to bare his testimony apres and was so nervous but you could totally feel the spirit as he spoke!
- We exploded our kilometrage that we had for this month because #transfers
- Assistants called out all the missionaries because we don't "pay attention" to the kilometrage of our cars.
- I helped feed a newly born kitten who was abandoned by its died later on that day
- we taught an amis that is addicted to almost every illegal substance there is

- And I got my flight plans.
That's it. So as y'all can see....I didn't really have a super eventful week, but the stuff that we were able to do was super great!
Je vous aime beaucoup!
-Soeur/Tuahine Morrill :)

1. Good ole Elder Ruff (from my MTC promo got to baptize Nephi)

2. throwin' up signs??

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