Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November 21, 2016 - Another Great Week & Driving Without Brakes - Protection Personified!

Salut everyone!
This week was AMAZING!
First of all..."let me take a selfie"...no je rigole.
But seriously I gotta start from the beginning.
Monday was super great, even though we sacrificed most of our pday to have anoher conseil des dirigeants chez President. It was all worth it, because we had Elder Cardon, a 70 who helps oversee the missionary work in the south Pacific region. Him and his wife came, and boy o' boy are they some of the nicest people ever!
Elder Cardon is such a sweet and humble man. The first thing he said when he stood up to give his formation was "I'm sorry that I don't speak French. I pray that some day I will so that I can get to know you all personally." He then had all the Francophones who still didn't understand English sit on the front couches together while 2 elders sat behind them and translated everything he said during the entire meeting.
Tuesday we had our Conference Multi-Zone with the zones of Punaauia, Paea (us), Papeari, and Taravao. And again Elder Cardon was super amazing and puissant. He talked about eternal famillies and the goal that we should have on the mission to teach families, because FAMILIES can be FOREVER! He said "you don't just see an individual but a famille, with decendants, and sons and daughters of God."
"Everything in this world will try to convince you that this GOSPEL isn't real...learn to listen and understand that voice of the spirit." - Elder Cardon
At the end of the Conference we left to drop off other missionaries. Upon driving I noticed that the brakes on our car were weak. We went back to the chapelle where President and Elder Cardon were still and had President drive our car. President gets done and says "you don't have any brakes...the garage is already closed, so il faut que you drive carefully home and then to a garage the next day to check them out." Elder Cardon gets out of the car and drills President with questions to find out if the car was safe enough to drive home (30 minutes the opposite direction in rush hour traffic). We get home just fine...probably made many people mad along the way for driving super under the speed limit but hey "better safe than sorry."
Wednesday, we headed out early to the other end of our zone where the only garage is located. We met the mechanic...super nice guy, named Vai, didn't believe in God...unil we came along haha. He lifts up the hood, looks at our brake fluid, cusses a lot and starts to laugh.
"Soeur ma...y'all are lucky to be alive right now."
"Really? Why is that?"....because (keep in mind) literally neither of us had any previous knowledge about cars let alone brake fluid, brakes assistants, ni brake pads.
"There's water in your brake fluid (apparently there shouldn't be), and your brake pads suck." ...oooh.
He then goes on to tell us that afer he saw our car that his belief in God fortified. According to Vai we shouldnt be alive, but with that being said it goes to show that we had the Lord looking out for us and protecting us :).
One of our lecons for this week was with Jean-Michel. A fairly new amis de l'eglise. NOTE: He was the one that called us a few weeks ago to tell us that he was to high to drive home for his lecon. Well good news...he was "all there" and we started teaching the Plan of Salvation! Y'all that lecon was AMAZING! The spirit was super strong to help us testify to J-M that God has a plan for ALL of us to return to Him again. I was super grateful for the gift of tongues that day. And super grateful for the spirit qui etait la. J-M even said that what we said really touched him and that though it's gonna be super super hard to stop smoking weed that he's gonna try anyway. AND that he felt "a weird kinda peace fill his body," haha IT WAS THE SPIRIT!!! HE FELT THE SPIRIT!!
So yea...that lecon was super top and though it may seem unlikely des fois to us J-M is slowly developing the desire to change and become better!!! Woohoo!!!
Je vous aime beaucoup! Prennez-soin de vous-memes!
-Soeur/Tuahine Morrill :)
p.s. Vai told us that he wants to take the missionary lecons now!! Woohoo x2!

p.p.s. Jean-Michel came to the Saturday evening session of Conference de Pieu (Stake Conference) and he got there early. When we found him he was wearing a t-shirt that said "Lost..." hahahahaha AND Jean-Michel didn't smoke the ENTIRE day Saturday so that he could come to conference!

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