Thursday, November 3, 2016

October 17, 2016

Heeeeey you guys!!!
So this week was fantastic!
We had to do a lot of ballads...again out of our zone so we were rarely in the secteur, but we had some pretty sweet miracles:
- Cathy said that she LOVED the chapelle and was super touched by every thing that was said!
- We met an old amis named Louise who said that she's been waiting for the missionaries to come by again. She didn't have our number, so all she had to do was wait and pray!
Au lieu de ça we got TRANSFER CALLS! AND I'm staying in Temarua! Which means that I'm "dying" (finishing my mission) here! I'm absolutely PUMPED that I'm staying in this secteur! I love my amis, the members, and the secteur en general! ....but....Soeur Tidjine is getting transferred, something that was super hard for both of us to accept, but she's going to my old secteur of Nuuroa so I'm pretty excited for her!
Yesterday after notre chapelle we got the ok from assistants to head to another zone (Faaa) for their conference de pieu (stake conference)! One of my converti recents received the Pretrise Melchizadek (the second order of priesthood) and asked if I could come and be there with him and his famille. After the meeting we filed into a small room. I took a seat with his wife and his two children. We watched as men of the stake placed their hands upon his head and set him apart and gave him the priesthood.
Though the room was quiet, I could feel the Spirit of the Lord in the room. A feeling of love and peace washed over me. I started to cry as they blessed Irving, for I knew that he was now able to bless his famille with this power that Heavenly Father has entrusted him with. I couldn't have been more grateful for that opportunity.
The famille AMARU is a famille Soeur Lasso and I met when we were in Taravao together (Novembrer 2015-April  2016). The couple was not married and had been living in concubinage for over 15 years. Their kids are ones I absolutely ADORE, and we taught them for a good few months. A week after I was emergency transferred out of Taravao I got a call from Soeur Lasso telling me that Line and Irving want to get married and baptized along with their daughter Heimiti! I watched this famille become united. I watched them enter into the waters of baptism and come out completely clean of all they have done before. I can see the light on their faces, the happiness, the JOY of this gospel that has filled all of their hearts and their home. And now I am a witness of the amazing power of the priesthood that has been given to the father of the famille. He finally has the power to bless his famille!!
I'm so grateful for the priesthood, for it is the power of God that he bestows upon worthy men of the Church to bless others! Y''s seriously one of the greatest things that our Heavenly Father has given us today!!
Apart from that this week was great!
I love you all so much! Je vous aime beaucoup! Ua here au ia outou!
Passez une très bonne semaine! Bisoux à vous tous!

-Soeur/Tuahine Morrill :)

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