Friday, September 9, 2016

July 11 - Another Week in a Matchbox of a Secteur

Hello tout le monde,

J'espere que vous avew passe une BONNE semaine!

This week has been good, but comme d'ab nothing super out of the ordinary!

Around the end of this week we had a lecon with one of our amis Sabrina! She super nice and asks super great questions. She told us one of the first lecons that her husband wants nothing to do with religion or Christ in general. She told us "if I want to change, then I will change by myself." One of the strongest women I have met on my mission thus far. So we had our lecon, and out of no where her husband, Noel, comes and sits down next to her for the entire lecon. He was so into it! He asked such great questions, and the Spirit really helped guide us towards the responses. At the end of the lecon he expressed interest in our Church! He told us that it'll be slow with him, but he'd like to follow his wife and change too, afin qu'il puisse create a better life for their little famille! Having Noel at the lecon continued to affirm to me that people are capable of change, and will when the time is right in our Heavenly Father's plan!

Saturday night I was able to road trip it back to Nuuroa for a baptism! His name is Patrick, and beyond one of the nicest et most humble people I have taught. He was finally able to get baptized, and at the end bore his testimony on humility and that it's our duty to change and grow on this earth in order for us to return to our Heavenly Father again! #puissante

This past thursday was Conseil des dirigeants (leaders Council...I think) for the dirigeants of the mission. It was pretty cool, but the one thing that really hit home for me was the formation by Sœur Bize. She posed us all a question: Qu'est-ce que vous empêche a être une meilleur missionnaire? (what is keeping you from being a better missionary?) ....It really struck me that there is nothing that is keeping me from improving as a missionary but also as a normal living breathing human being. There are times on the mission where I am absolutely fiu, and want to "laisse tomber" every thing and just stay at home, but I know Heavenly Father didn't call me here to do nothing. He knows my struggles and is there to help me and others around me, alors why not use Him to help me become a better missionary. I only have about 4.5 months left, so I better make the best of it.

This gospel continues to bless my life and I know it blesses so many others too!

Je vous aime! Ua here au ia outou!

- Tuahine/Sœur Morrill :)

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