Friday, September 9, 2016

August 29, 2016 - Another Week - Flooded our House

Ia ora na chers tous,
J'espere que tout va bien avec vous tous!!
This week has been super slow, but as I was reviewing the work from this past week last night I found myself rather content with the work Soeur Lavelua and I did!
We didn't have a ton of lecons, but I loved the lecons that we did have! Quality over quantity.
But as the title of my email says...yes our house did get flooded. why? well it's not a cause of the 2 weeks of intense rain. It's because our toilet broke....yes our toilet. We were about to leave to do contacting in our secteur when we hear this weird gushing sound coming from one of the bathrooms in our house. Soeur Lavelua goes in and lifts up the tank lid and tries to resituate one of the handles but instead of fixing it the toilet explodes.....don't worry it was clean water haha. So we run out screaming and run next door to our propriƩtaire's house to tell him, BUT he isn't home. By the time we get back there is water in every knoock and cranny of our house. So we called Elder Hauata (who works in the bureau) and he instructed us on how to turn the water off so we could de-flood our house. It took a good 4 hours, and afterwards we couldn't take showers chez nous so we called a membre, la famille ANIHIA, et sped on over to clean ourselves up so we could head out into the secteur.
This week not a lot happened BUT we met this super sweet famille. Titaina, Heimana, and leur fils Hitinui. They live super far back into the valley and have never met the missionaries until we came by one evening. They are croyante but haven't been attending church for a few years now. They love that the church is centered on the Family and we can be sealed to our famille for time and ALL ETERNITY. They asked us to come back and the last few times we went back they had a huge plate of PRINGLES ready for us to munch on during their lecon haha. They are so sweet. They are a famille and I know it will be hard for them to accept the gospel BUT when their testimonies grow a little more they will seriously be amazing converts and willing to follow Christ's example #blessed
Maururu ia outou no te mau parau poro'i no faaitoito! I love y'all so much and hope this week passes by just swimmingly.
peace, love, and hugs,
-Tuahine/Soeur Morrill :)
 Zumba on "P" day = soreness the next day

Just some of the locals hanging out

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