Friday, September 9, 2016

Anther Week: Taumaha et Kelhane - August 15, 2016

Chers tous,
J'espere que tout va bien avec vous tous!
This week was SUPER SUPER!
We have been teaching a brother and a sister, Taumaha et Kelhane. They are super cute and super sweet and super open in learning about the gospel! The other day they told us that they wanted to get BAPTIZED! So they OKed the 10 Sept as their bapteme dates BUT we have to wait for the OK from their parents! These two kids are so cute and started reading the Livre de Mormon and praying before we even engaged them to do so #blessed
Other than that this week has been busy with doing splits. A mini transfert is happening this week due to missionaries going home, so my fille Soeur Tuihani will be getting transfered to my old secteur TARAVAO 1 as she continues to wait for her visa. Soeur Lavelua and I will officially be back down to a duo BUT we are still the STLs of Paea and Taravao, so I will still be able to see Soeur Tuihani a little now and then these next few weeks.
This past week we had Conseil des Dirigeants, so we were back up on the mountain chez President. We had multiple formations (trainings) from President and Soeur Bize, assistant ma, et Couple Caldwell. The Caldwells finish their mission this Thursday actually, and so they took a little time to talk to us during CdD. Elder Caldwell expressed his gratitude for our desire to serve, our love for the Savior, but also for our willingness in trying to be obedient and change. As always, y'all know me, I have to leave y'all with two quotes that Elder Caldwell left us with:

"There is nobody else on this earth that is doing or can do what you all are doing right now. What you are doing is UNIQUE."
"The missionary sets out to help others change their lives, but really the biggest change that happens is the missionary. You change the most on your mission."
I will be forever grateful for that missionary couple. He helped me comfortablize myself (if thats even a word) on my ability in driving stick (other than my dad...THANKS DAD) here in Tahiti. Soeur Caldwell was there for me to talk with, teach me how to properly sing, and as always provide me with food when ever they came by to visit us at the house!
So to narrow down this week: I LOVE being a MISSIONARY!! Time is flying by, and I don't know how I feel about that! J'aime ma famille et mes amis. Maururu no to'outou mau pure et to'outou here! I love y'all mucho!
I pray that y'all have a magical and fantastic week!!

Tuahine/Soeur Morrill :)

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