Friday, September 9, 2016

July 4, 2016 - Their Needs Before Your Own

Chers tous,

So as my FIRST thought for the end of the day: HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! I can't be anymore proud to be an American than what I am now!  I hope everyone had a great fête and shot or watched some sick fireworks!!

This email will be short, but hopefully give y'all the "low down" on this week.

Let me just be honest; this week was weird. We were blessed to find some great new amis and get some great laughs out of our lecons that actually went according to plan!

We are teaching this jeune couple named Marama et Cynthia. Great couple et super funny! Marama is a HUGE soccer fan, so during the EuroCup they fixed their lecons before or after the games have ended for the day hahaha. He, however, forgot about the Germany Italy game this past Saturday, so we showed up right at halftime haha, but we were able to have a super good lecon about the Book of Mormon with them both. It's been about 2 weeks now that I have been in Temarua, and Sœur Bamba said that, even though it doesn't seem that Marama et Cynthia have changed, they have. The past lecons we have had with them have been just full of the spirit and we can see their testimony growing every day, and they've started to READ the BOOK OF MORMON!!

Another little update on my new secteur and my calling as a missionary: my companion and I are STLs which is a dirigent en la mission tu peux dire, and it requires us to be flexible with our days. STLs s'occupe other companionships of sisters in one maybe two zones. For us we s'occupe 2 zones right now but will take 3 zones by the end of this month when the pieu (stake) of Taravao is created. Now we take care of about 12 sisters and their secteurs. We are given the great opportunity to work with them in their secteurs and help them with any soucis (worries) that they may have in regards to the secteur and life en general. It's super time consuming...not gonna lie, but I am super grateful for this opportunity that P. Bize has given me to help other sisters on the mission. The title of my email rings true not only for the well being of our amis but also for the other sister missionaries that Sr Bamba et I s'occupe maintenant. I love this experience that I have to get to know other sisters on another level and help them out as much as I can; even if that means having little time for talking with famille.

I don't really have much to say about this week except that I have a feeling it's gonna turn out pretty great!

Je vous aime! Passez une bonne semaine et bonne vacances pour tous ceux qui on termine l'ecole!

Ok...that's it!


-Sœur/Tuahine Morrill :)

p.s. what did the American flag do when he saw the other American flag? just waved...#freedom

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