Friday, September 9, 2016

August 22, 2016 - Another Week - The Hand of God

BONJOUR tout le monde,
I sure hope that y'all passed a really good week!
This week was super great comme d'ab! We were able to see and spend some super great time with our amis and help PLAN the WEDDING for Mireta who is getting married and baptized on the 2 of Septembre and may I mention that it's also her birthday that day! Hip hip hooray!
So we have an amis! Super great amis! And he's getting baptized this Saturday #praise! But before it was a little rough sailing for him. He lives with his sister Vaiana and for awhile never had a super strong relationship with God or even a strong croyance. UNTIL HE MET US!! He's super nice and open in accepting the gospel. For a while he never really noticed the work of God in his life. As the lecons continued we urged him to put Christ at the forefront of his life and all would work out. I myself am still reassuring myself that the work of God is amazing and He can work miracles in all of our lives. Well he told us that ever since we engaged him to put Christ first in his life he has 1. found a job     2. his sister has found a job  and 3. he dug up his paka (weed.....xD ) farm that he had hidden in his back yard (it was his side job and a little fyi weed is ridiculously illegal here and people here go to jail here for the amount of time that murders go to jail in about a big deal)!! So hey....Nephi is super cool and throughout these past few months teaching Nephi I've noticed God's hand in his life. CAN'T Y'ALL SEE IT! When we put Christ in the front of our lives EVERY THING will fall into place. It's a huge blessing and I seriously love my Father in Heaven for the miracles he has put into my life but the GINORMOUS blessings he has placed in the lives of my amis and familles and friends back home!
Y'all....this gospel is great! I love this mission! And my love for this place continues to grow every day! #peaceloveandhugs
J'espere que vous passez une bonne semaine! Have some fun! Study hard! Pet a cat and drink chocolate milk for me y'all while I'm gone. #3.5months
I love y'all mucho!
-Tuahine/Soeur Morrill
p.s. I read a BYU devotional talk one day by Michael D. Brown(a PDBio professor) and he quoted Gordon B. Hinckley our recent beloved prophet before President Thomas S. Monson! So naturally gotta post this quote!

[ask] that we stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight. I am suggesting that as we go through life we “accentuate the positive.” I [ask] that we look a little deeper for the good."

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