Tuesday, June 21, 2016


HELLLLOOOOOO tout le monde,

So as the title of my email suggests, YES we had transfers! And let me tell you...it's a big one. I've only been in Nuuroa for 10 weeks, but I received a call from assistants and was told that I am now assigned as STL (sister training leader) in the mission with Soeur Bamba. I leave for the zone of Paea to the secteur of Temarua today! I'm thinking I'll be staying near the presqu'ile of Tahiti pretty much most of my mission!

This week, naturally, was full of work, but for quelque raison my head cold has turned into something more than my normal seasonal sickness. Let's just say that sometimes it sounds like I'm coughing up a lung, but Tahitians have their natural remedies (ra'au Tahiti), and so far every thing they have given me (not sure exactly what) has worked so far, and haere maru haere papu, petit a petit, slowly but surely I'm getting better. 

ALSO, we had a great opportunite this week to hear from a few general authorities of the church. Sister McConkie (1st cons in the Young Women presidency), Sister Reeves (2nd cons in the Societe de Secous presidency), and Elder Kevin W. Pearson (President of the Pacific Region). I loved every talk, but Elder Pearson's struck home for me. He talked of urgency in hastening the work, and the Livre de Mormon. 

"The more you understand the Book of Mormon, the more excited you will be for when Christ comes again." -Elder Pearson

"Lord help me, or I will fall. Help me, so that I may fly." - Elder Holland (Quorum of the 12 Apostles)

Every week has its challenges, and miracles. This past Thursday we went to the end of our secteur to recontact some old amis, Eteta, Manurai, and Kevin. 

We found Eteta easily, and she was super sweet and asked us to come back another day and continue the lecons. BUT while we were talking to Eteta, this huge GOOSE came out of nowhere. He started coming toward us, screeching and flapping his wings (granted this is the first time I've seen a goose here in Tahiti). What did Eteta do? Just calmly stepped between us and the goose and continued to watch him the entire time we talked to her.

Afterwards we continued searching for Manurai and Kevin. Unfortunately they weren't home, but the people we talked to were super nice. At the end we met this young man named Moho. It walks with us and shows us where Manurai lives. He then tells that he has a lot of friends who are membres of the church and some who had just finished serving missions. He told us he'd love to follow the lecons, but after the Heiva (the big dance festival here in French Polynesia) at the end of July!

The Lord works in mysterious ways, and if we just put our faith and trust in Him, then He will put those people, who are ready to hear the gospel, in our path. Every day I've come to see His hand in helping my amis, and the way He touches their lives. 

I'm excited for this transfer, and though it's only been 10 weeks I can't help but feel like I'm leaving a little bit of my heart here too!

Je vous aime! Et j’espère que vous passez une bonne semaine!


Tuahine/Soeur Morrill :)

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