Sunday, June 5, 2016

May 30, 2016 - Another week and hitting the one year mark!

Ia ora na te mau hoa no te chez moi,

I hope y'alls weeks were just dandy and Memorial Day was extravagant!

So this week was challenging. It was super hot. My bike broke, and a dirigent in our paroisse told us that we "don't pray as much as we should, we make poor decisions, and are not intelligent missionaries." So that was kind of rough to endure, but hey...C'EST PAS GRAVE!! I am my OWN missionary!! #dontletitgetmedown

Of one story I can think of that stuck out to me was not one of a lecon with an amis, but a story the premier counselor of the stake presidency told of his conversion. His name is President Valenza: 

For 6 years Valenza attended church, participated in other activities, and even went to the church's institute classes, but never got baptized. He wouldn't get baptized...why? Parce que there was something personal that "blocked" him. For 6 years he never prayed, and for those 6 years he didn't want to be baptized until one of his last lecons. At the end of this lecon one of the missionaries asked if Valenza would close with a prayer; naturally he said "non." In his words (translated) Valenza said "this elder was smart and had figured out my by listening to the Spirit, by discerning my needs. the elder said 'non you can do it,' so we knelt and for 15 minutes we knelt in complete silence, neither of the elders looking up but continually having their heads bowed, eyes closed, and arms folded, until I uttered the first prayer of my life; a week later I was baptized. After that prayer my temoignage grew and I gained a better and firmer knowledge of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ."

Ending Valenza's story I continue to pray to help discern the needs of my amis and others around me. Now that I have a stronger hold on the language I feel more sure of myself when I feel I have a "whisper" from the Spirit. 

Even if we aren't a missionary, we are still able to increase our gifts, be it the gift of tongues, gift of healing, gift of discernment, etc. The list goes on for eternity, but we all have gifts, and Heavenly Father didn't just put us on this earth to twittle our thumbs to pass the time. NO, He put us here to progress and improve and discover our heavenly ordained gifts. 

Like President Valenza, doing something new can be scary, but if we put our trust in Him "all things are possible." Bien sur, the first step back to Him is by having FAITH in Him.

Je vous aime! Maururu roa no to'outou here!

Until next week my fellow famille and friends! #peaceloveandhugs

-Tuahine/Soeur Morrill :)

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