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April 11, 2016 - Another week and I never got to say goodbye!

Ia ora na TATOU!!!

I hope y'all have had a GREAT FUN FILLED WEEK!!!!

I'd like to start out this lovely email with a quote from un de mes dirigents zone a Papeari "ton temoinage est ni teleste ou terreste mais Celeste." -Elder Longlois (de nouvelle caladonie)

This week was great. We had some really great spiritual experiences with our amis. Arii is progressing super well, and is so ready for to be baptized. He, however, doesn't realize it yet, but little by little I can see the desire in him growing.

This week was also full of a surprise.

Jeudi soir Elder Requillart (one of the assistants) calls:

He breaks the news that there is a transfert d'urgence (emergency transfer) and that President Bize has asked that I be transferred into the other secteur to help out with the situation....I will not lie....I yelled at E. Requillart over the phone "Quoi...NOO. REQUIALLRT EST-CE QUE TU SAIS QU'ON A UN BAPTEME LE 5 MAI! ON A TOUT PREPARE POUR CE BAPTEME. MOI ET SOEUR LASSO L'ONT TROUVE ENSEMBLE ET ON A PLANIFIE DE LE BAPTISER ENSEMBLE...." I do admit that it was not one of my best moments as a missionary set apart as a servant of Jesus Christ. That news, however, hit me like a ton of bricks.

After I finished my call with assistants, I raconte the news to DZones. Elder Longlois told me "Non...on ne va pas le faire encore. On va trouver une autre moyen, parce que nous n'allons pas PERDRE UN AUTRE SOLDAT dans notre famille, non...on ne va pas."

When Elder Longlois said that I couldn't help but smile. He is a great DZone (zone leader) and looks out for all of his missionnaires. He's caring, humble, and charitable. And after what our zone went through together, no other zone can compare to the bond that we have..."WE ARE FAMILLY!!!"

For a while je me suis dit "pourquoi...why me? why not somebody else?"

There are days where you are absolutely FIU (Tahitien term for: fed up, absolutely done with every thing,....just "can't even") of the secteur and others where you wanna spend your whole mission there; these pas few weeks have been the "I don't wanna leave."

You could say that I was heart broken. I couldn't bare the thought of leaving my amis, my converti recents, the membres I've grown to love. Taravao 1 has a piece of my heart that I know I will never get back.

As I knelt in prayer that night...the tears came. I shook as I cried; asking Heavenly Father "why me?" I've cried a lot in my many years of life, but this was different, and I think only missionnaires and returned missionnaires can understand this feeling.

The farther I've gotten into my mission, the harder it's been to say goodbye to those you've taught. You've taught these people the gospel; you've watched them grow spiritually; you've watched them gain a testimony of Jesus Christ and His restored gospel; and for many you've watched them enter into the waters of baptism and come out completely washed clean of all their sins; you've been through it all with them, and then all of a sudden you're gone, leaving them behind as you go to preach and spread the gospel ailleur (hopefully walking away with all the social media contacts you can obtain).

As I write this email, I am now in NUUROA in the zone of PUNAAUIA. I'm so excited to start helping and spreading the gospel here with my new companion Soeur Anderson, who was in Taravao 2 when I first came to Taravao 1. She is amazing and AUSTRALIAN!! We've already had so many good laughs together! I'm pretty excited to see what Heavenly Father has in store for us and the secteur. AND I am FINALLY on BIKE!!!! After almost a year on the mission I finally step out from behind the driver's seat and get the opportunity to do more contacting and get a better look at the beautiful land and people around me!! #merciPereCeleste

So in a short summary this week has been a whirl wind. These past few days we've eaten at least 3-4 different meals a day with membres but also with our AMIS because of the transfert, which will call for a lot of sport these coming weeks hahaha.

I hope y'all have a FANTASTIC WEEK!!

I love y'all and I know that Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us! Because...we are ALL LITERALLY sacred children of God. Which is pretty cool I must admit!! crois c'est tout pour le moment.

Je vous aime! Ua here au ia outou! I LOVE Y'ALL!!!

- Soeur/Tuahine Morrill :)

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