Sunday, June 5, 2016

May 10, 2016 - Another Week - Transfers and Trainees

Ia ora na chers tous!!

This week was great and super busy!

But wednesday pretty much sums it all up! A day packed full and I mean full of lecons!

One lecon, however, did NOT go as planned what so ever! The week before Sr Andersen did a split with Sr Stositch, q dirigent in the mission, in our secteur while I went to Fataua for the day. We had a lecon scheduled with an ancien amis, Charles, who they recontacted during the split. Charles was married to Flores who is also another big potential amis of ours for bapteme. Charles reaccepted the lecons and told them that he had the desire to change and become better. So...we hauled our bikes up the mtn to their house; when we got there we didnt see Charles, but instead we saw Flora outside talking with a couple who looked to be famille friends.

"Ia ora na"...."vous etes la pour la lecon de Charles?"...."oui" we reply. Flora then proceeds to tell us in Tahitian that Charles had left earlier that we asked where, comme dab.

"en haut; il est decede ce matin a 11h00...." replied one of the famille friends. WHAT??????? we later come to find out that he had suffered from a heart attack and didnt survive.

I was devastated (obviously)...that day was going to be the day that I would officially meet Charles, but we were too late by 4 hours.

We continued to talk to Flora, and are amazed at how well she is holding herself together. We then ask if we can share a message with her and with tears in her eyes says "please."

I shared Helaman 5:47 (from the Book of Mormon)....."Peace peace I give you because of your faith in Him...."  I read that scripture and found great comfort in it as I was going through a rather big trial in the MTC. And I had felt Flora zould feel comforted by it too.

The scripture is simple and short but puissant. Our Heavenly Father wants nothing but for us to feel peace in our lives, but we must go through trials and groz in our life in order to receive greater blessings, but whats comforting is that Heavenly Father will jamais give us an epreve on peut pas surmonter. He has FAITH in us, so il faut qu'on ait la foi en nous aussi. As I read the scripture to her I began to cry, not for her, but with her. I could feel her pain, and i could how hard she was trying to keep herself together for those around her, but in the end she let go and cried. All we could do was be there for her, even though we wanted to do more. At first we thought we hadnt done enough but later received a call from her telling us thank you!

It was probably one of the most spiritual experiences Ive had thus far.

in other news: IM TRAINING......AGAIN!!!!!!

Je vous aime bcp!!

forgive me for this short and big spelling on a french keyboard today!!!

peace, love, et hugs

Tuahine/Soeur Morrill :)

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