Monday, June 8, 2015

1st week in the MTC a.k.a. Language Training Center

Io ra na!!!!

Tuahine Morrill here! 
well when i first walked into the MTC i thought I would be learning french for the first 6 weeks of my stay here, my entire district thought the same thing. NOOO I am learning Tahitian first!!!

It is seriously the prettiest language there is. I can't even describe to you how smooth and beautiful it sounds, but it's super hard. Apparently it's easier to learn and speak than french, so that's a little more comforting.

My first day at the MTC was super overwhelming. I met my companion Soeur/Tuahine/Sister Olson. she's so nice and down to earth. she's from Ephraim, Utah and grew up on a farm, so she understands the term y'all which i absolutely love!!

The other mau Tuahines in my district are all super sweet too, and all of us clicked super fast and have the greatest time together when we are not in class. We have a district of 13 missionaries, 8 soeurs and 5 elders. 

Getting used to the sleeping schedule has not been a problem for me, but like many of you know, i love my sleep so sometimes it is a struggle to stay awake in class.....Sister Olson and I fell asleep accidentally during personal study yesterday evening after dinner. I guess the food coma set in harder yesterday than usual.

(Mahana maha) Thursday, we had our first investigator, and we had to teach it entirely in Tahitian.....and having only a day studying the language before a lesson was not easy what so ever. Our "investigator" is Vetea and he apparently studies at BYU. We were able to find out that he has a sister, a brother, and his two parents. he loves soccer (WOOHOOO) or was it football or rugby....I'm not sure bc all three of those words in Tahitian are super similar. Sister Olson and I were able to teach him about the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation over the 3 lessons we have had with him so far. I love being able to practice and prepare lessons, but it's hard to connect with the investigators personally when you don't know there language, so you can't really involve them as much as you would like, but that will all come with practice, patience, and a lot of faith! 

This past Sunday we had a devotional and Janice Kapp Perry came and spoke to us. shes well known with the church for writing a few hymns and  lot of the primary childrens songs. Her husband is so sweet too. At the beginning of her talk she was telling us how her and Doug met. She was in a music class at BYU and was preparing for a clarinet final. She was sitting in a chair practicing and Doug comes up and says  "you know...those lips could be a lot more useful for something else besides playing the clarinet!" AAAAHHHHH.....and then her husband got up from his seat on the stand and just planted a big fat kiss on her in front of the entire MTC! After he shot his fist in the air as if to say "YES! I still got it."  Sister Perry then said "Maybe I won't tell that story anymore....or maybe I will." hahahaha I can't get over how cute they both are together.....#goals. At the end of her talk she sang to us her family song she wrote for all of her children, her grandchildren, and husband. And she urged all of us to someday write our own family that can tell the world about you and your adventures with your kids and husband/wife.

After the devotional we got the opportunity to watch the "movie" "The Character of Christ" by Elder David A. Bednar. In his talk he gave a few years ago on a sunday Christmas morning in the MTC, he basically told all current and future missionaries "It's NOT about YOU."  At first a few of us were a little surprised by his words, but then realized how true they were. Yea, we are missionaries of the church, but our job is to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ, not the gospel of us. he later told us that if we are taking notes of what he said is "stupid and pointless." "You are just writing a copy of your own LARGE PLATES. Stop, instead write a copy of your own SMALL PLATES, full of your thoughts and feelings of what I have to say." GENIUS!!!! 
Bednar than quoted Niel A. Maxwell, "there would have been no atoning sacrifice without the character of Christ." He urged us to all look within our own selves and think if we qualify of having those characters of Christ: love, service, and compassion. He reminded us that the natural man is the greatest enemy within ourselves and for us to turn OUTWARD in love towards others and NOT inward to yourself. "You can't live off of borrowed light." We need to build our own testimony through our OWN conversion of the gospel...not the conversion of others. We must be the greatest conversion on our mission first before we are able to help and express the love of the gospel towards others. We must learn OF Christ NOT ABOUT Him. 

No lie...that entire devotional gave me chills....I clung to every word Bednar said, and agreed to myself to focus more on others and not just myself but work on strengthening my own testimony and conversion first before trying to help others....grow closer to Christ. If I'm not close to Christ when can the investigators I teach later on grow closer to Him too? 

Today, we have another MTC devotional and they said we have someone SUPER BIG coming in to speak to us...last Tuesayd before i came they had Holland come in and speak...jealous. I can't wait to find out who it is....Our district is hoping for either Uchtdorf or Bednar...that'd be killer.

Oh and I keep seeing Ryan Andrus, Elder Andrus, around the you can say I'm on a campus with a BYU celebrity!! No big deal! Now that I see him up close I can finally see how tall he really his!!

AND I FINALLY SAW MY ROOMATE ROSE!!!!! she is going to serve in Recife, Brazil and was supposed to go to the Brazil MTC but her visa never came in time, sooooooo she's here!!!!

I love you so much and miss you like crazy!!!! But I'm so excited to be serving a mission and spreading this wonderful gospel! it has seriously made me so much happier this week! 
And I'll have 11 more weeks to study study study!!!

Ua here au ia oe (I love you)! Stay gucci!

Tuahine/Soeur/Sister McKenzie Morrill

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